Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (2024)

When it comes to hair removal methods, we tend to believe that the humble epilator is highly underrated.

Unlike shaving, waxing and laser hair removal, how much do you really know about epilators?

Let us educate you…

Epilators utilise multiple tweezing mechanisms to pluck large sections of individual hairs (some as short as 0.5mm), and because of this they can extend the time in between hair removal sessions by up to four weeks.

Why? Because it takes hair longer to grow when the root of the hair follicle is removed. Plus, pulling the hair out from the root helps to gradually thin hair growth over time too.

Modern epilators also come with multiple attachment heads, which means you can use them on multiple areas of your body (yes, even your bikini area and face).

Need help finding the right epilator for you? Keep scrolling for beautyheaven’s recommendations…

2024’s TOP Epilator To Buy In Australia

  1. Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator, $269,Shaver Shop
  2. Panasonic Double Disc Premium Wet & Dry Epilator, $229,Shaver Shop
  3. Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, $199,Shaver Shop

The best epilators of 2024

Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (1)

Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator

from $169 at Shaver Shop

This epilator from Braun is completely waterproof so the tool can be used in the shower or bathtub because epilating in water is meant to be less painful than using an epilator on dry skin. It’s also equipped with a massage cap that further helps to reduce pain during hair removal. The tool has a wide head and 40 tweezer heads to help speed up the process too. There’s also a shaver and trimmer attachment that can be used on sensitive areas of the body as needed.SensoSmart™ technology ensures you use the right amount of pressure while epilating and there’s a smart light on the handle to help you spot super fine hairs too.

Key features:

  • Completely waterproof
  • Wide head and 40 tweezer heads for efficiency
  • Massage cap to minimise pain
  • Shaver and trimmer attachment
  • SensoSmart™ technology
  • Smart light

Available at:

Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (2)

Panasonic Double Disc Premium Wet & Dry Epilator

from $229 atShaver Shop

Panasonic’s double disc epilator technology ensures that no hair gets missed because the second disc catches any hair longer than 0.5mm missed by the first disc. The tool has 60 tweezers, whichhave long andwide openings to ensure they can grip and remove more hair. It has three speed settings (Soft, Normal or Power), which allow you to customise your hair removal treatment to the type of hair you are dealing with. It can be used wet or dry. Plus, it comes with a gentle cap, a small epilation head, a foot care head, a deep scrub brush, a pouch and a brush.

Key features:

  • Double disc technology catches any hair longer than 0.5mm
  • 60 tweezer epilator head
  • 3 speed settings
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Comes with several attachments including a small epilation head, a foot care head and a deep scrub brush

Available at:

Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (3)

Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

from $259 atShaver Shop

Like tools that can do it all? Meet thePhilips Satinelle Advanced Epilator. The waterproof tool boasts 70,000 hair-catching actions per minute, while still being gentle on skin thanks to an extra wide head and a light-fitted handle. It also comes with a shaving head, trimming comb, trimming head, bikini comb, body exfoliation brush, pedicure foot file, a delicate area cap, an optimal contact cap and a storage pouch.

Key features:

  • Waterproof
  • 70,00 hair catching actions per minute and extra wide head for efficiency
  • Light-fitted handle for hard-to-see hairs
  • Gentle on skin
  • Comes with 4 additional hair removal attachments, two caps, an exfoliating brush, foot file, and storage pouch

Available at:

Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (4)

Epilady Speed Corded Epilator

from $96.51 atAmazon Australia

The inventors of the first-ever epilator, Epilady has reimagined their history-making tool for the modern person. The tool has a cord for maximum power and speed, and has two operational speed settings and can complete 31,000 tweezes a minute. Plus, the angle guide cap ensures the tool is always positioned correctly for maximum hair removal and minimal discomfort.

Key features:

  • Cord for maximum power and speed
  • 2 speed settings
  • 31,000 tweezes a minute
  • Angle guide cap

Available at:

Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (5)

VINSENA Epilator

from $75.71 atAmazon Australia

The Vinsena epilator is portable and USB rechargeable and it can remove hair for up to 120 minutes after two and a half hours of charging. It’s equipped with two heads, one is an epilator head with18 rotating tweezers and the other is a shaver and trimmer withstainless steel blades and a painless floating foil head. The multi-purpose tool has two speed settings and an LED light to optimise hair removal too.

Key features:

  • Portable
  • USB rechargeable
  • 2 interchangeable heads (epilator head and shaver/trimmer)
  • 2 speed settings
  • LED light

Available at:

Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (6)

VOGOE HR310 Epilator

from $72.28 atAmazon Australia

This hair removal device has four functions. It has an epilator attachment with 21 hypoallergenic tweezers with 33,000 hair-catching actions per minute. Afoil shaver head for stray hairs or trimming longer hairs. A massage head roller and a callous remover for pedicures. The tool has two speed settings, plus, it’s cordless and USB rechargeable.

Key features:

  • Epilator attachment (21 tweezers/ 33,000 hair-catching actions per minute)
  • Foil shaver head attachment
  • Massage head roller attachment
  • Callous remover attachment
  • 2 speed settings
  • Cordless and USB rechargeable

Available at:

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Over Waxing & Shaving? Try An Epilator (2024)


How many days after shaving can you epilate? ›

Epilating two or three days post shaving is easier on the skin and is less painful than epilating two or three weeks post shaving. Exfoliate - Exfoliating before epilation helps to loosen any ingrown hairs and remove dead skin cells to prep the skin for a better result.

What are the disadvantages of an epilator? ›

Side effects of Epilators
  • Pain. Epilation involves pulling out hair from the root, so it can hurt quite a lot, especially when done for the first time. ...
  • Redness. A big side effect of epilation is redness and inflammation, because the hair has been pulled out with some force. ...
  • Bumps. ...
  • Whiteheads. ...
  • Swelling.

Can I wax and then epilate? ›

If you have shaved your hair for a long time, it is beneficial to wax off all the hair once, then epilate the regrowth.

Is using an epilator better than waxing? ›

Epilation is a root-hair removal, so like wax it gives you long-lasting results. Both methods last up to 4 weeks, but epilation can be more convenient because you don't need to wait for your hair to re-grow. If you wax, you have the wait for hair to grow long enough, which can means several days of hairy legs.

Why am I still prickly after epilating? ›

Since epilating tears the hairs out by the roots, you would have red marks wherever a hair was torn out. As the remaining hairs grow back in, your legs will feel prickly.

Will epilating eventually stop hair growth? ›

Less hair over time

Another benefit is that epilation may result in less body hair over time. With this method, hair grows back softer and finer. Hair may even regrow at a slower rate. The longer you epilate, the less hair you'll notice on certain parts of your body.

Is epilator good for pubic hair? ›

One of the key benefits of using an epilator for a bikini area is silky, smooth skin. One that lasts longer for up to 4 weeks. This is possible due to its ability to remove hair from its roots.

Why not to use epilator on face? ›

Epilators can cause more tugging and damage on the skin which isn't worth it, especially since the skin on your face is so thin and fragile. The reward is not worth the risk, especially since there are so many other easier, better and less risky alternatives.

Do epilators damage skin? ›

Epilating pulls out hair from the root. Some after-effects like itchiness, redness or tightness after using your Philips epilator are normal, especially if you have sensitive skin. You may also see small bumps on your skin or experience a burning sensation. This goes away with time and is nothing to worry about.

Is it better to shave or epilate pubic hair? ›

An epilator is any device that removes body hair by pulling it out from the roots. Epilators take more time and effort to use than razors. However, the results last longer than when you shave.

Do you epilate with or against the grain? ›

Going against the grain will help the epilator grasp onto the hairs and pull them out fast.

Can you epilate all pubic hair? ›

Yes, you can use epilators in your bikini area. However, as the area down there is sensitive, it can irritate your skin and be more painful, if not used correctly. So, gently exfoliate the skin before using epilators and discontinue if irritation persists.

Is it better to epilate wet or dry? ›

Epilating wet is going to be a less painful than dry, as there's water to coat and comfort the skin, according to dermatologist Dr. Michele Green, MD. However, "dry epilation is more efficient because the hairs are not flatted down by water," she says, so the epilator can catch and pull each hair better.

Is it better to epilate fast or slow? ›

Slow equals sexy.

Going too fast risks breaking the hair which may lead to ingrown hairs.

Does epilator increase hair growth on face? ›

Myth no. 4 - Hair Grows Back Thicker. Fact: No, your hair growth remains the same. Rather using the best quality epilator for the facemay result in finer and reduced hair growth.

Can I epilate twice a week? ›

We're not talking about epilating every day - we mean epilating every one to two weeks for the first few times. Hair takes twenty-eight days to grow on average, and once in a singular cycle the hairs can stack up together, instead of growing all over the place and out of sync.

Can you epilate once a week? ›

2. Repeat treat. If you're a newbie, epilate once a week and each time you'll notice the discomfort drop and the satisfaction increase.

Why does my epilator miss hairs? ›

For best results, move the appliance against the direction of hair growth while ensuring the head is in complete contact with the skin. Always check the epilator head for cleanliness and damage. Ensure the battery is charged. See the video below on how to properly use your epilator on wet skin.

How do you prevent ingrown hairs after epilating? ›

Exfoliate your skin.

Dead cells can build up on your skin and block the hair follicles. Use a gentle exfoliating product in the shower or bath to remove dead cells. This can reduce your risk of developing ingrown hairs.


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